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What is the harm in worrying?

"Persistent Anxiety, (Toxic Stress), is now the biggest health issue that the western medicine has to face."

You may feel that cancer, "The Big C", heart disease, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, or substance misuse, or even a myriad of other diseases and disorders are more significant and have a greater impact on health and longevity, (the length of people's lives), than Anxiety. However, that is not the case.

In the USA, between 1995 and 1997, the CDC, (Centre for Disease Control) in collaboration with Kaiser Permenente,(a large heath care provider, HMO - Health Maintenance Organisation), began a large study in which more than 17,000 participants undertook a standardised physical examination and provided detailed information concerning their childhood experiences, specifically concerning 'Adverse Childhood Experiences' of familial dysfunction, neglect and abuse.

Anxiety & Toxic Stress #01

At the end of July 2012 the results of a massive study were published and the findings were simple. Ordinary mental health issues are the most significant single factor in mortality rates. Ordinary psychological and emotional issues are significant causes of heart disease and cancer, more are more significant than smoking, substance misuse, alkaholism and obecity. Moreover, other significant health issues like obecity, substance misuse, and alcaholism which can significantly reduce a person's life span find their causes in mental ill health. It now seems that mental ill health is causal is shortening life expectancy.

A following study published in .... norrowed the field of cause do to one specific aspect of mental ill health. It is now known that persistant Anxiety, (Toxic Stress or

ACE Category%%%

(N = 9,367)(N = 7,970)(N = 17,337)


 Emotional Abuse13.17.610.6
 Physical Abuse27.029.928.3
 Sexual Abuse24.716.020.7


 Emotional Neglect16.712.414.8
 Physical Neglect9.210.79.9

Household Dysfunction

 Mother Treated Violently13.711.512.7
 Household Substance Misuse29.523.826.9
 Household Mental Illness23.314.819.4
 Parental Separation or Divorce24.521.823.3
 Incarcerated Household Member5.24.14.7


Number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE Score)WomenMenTotal
4 or more15.29.212.5

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