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TonicCounselling counsellors and psychotherapists have a huge amount of experience in helping individuals overcome Anger Management issues. All our Anger Management therapy services are tailored around the individual's needs and circumstances and are provided by dedicated, experienced and highly qualified full-time professional counsellors and psychotherapists, all of whom have studied for a minimum of three years in order to provide cost effective services and achieve sustainable results.

If you or someone you know or love is in need of assistance in managing and resolving their anger issues, please feel free to call, email or text us and we will be happy to take the time to discuss your needs and can provide a service that is second to none. All calls are answered by anger management therapists, however, if busy please a clear message with your contact details. (All telephone messages, calls, texts and emails are confidential within the law and are treated with respect).

General Anger Management Enquiries for Rushden, Milton Keynes and Canterbury:
Tel: 01933395497 (Private office line with answer machine)
Parent site: TonicTalk Counselling and Psychotherapy Ltd.

Carlos: Rushden & Milton Keynes Anger Management Therapy
Tel: 01933395497 (Confidential private line with answer machine)
Mob: 07427144234

Suzanne: Milton Keynes & Rushden Anger Management Therapy
Tel: 01933358739 (Confidential Private line with answer machine)
Mob: 07837784663

Bob: Canterbury & Margate Anger Management Therapy
Tel: No land line at the moment (recently returned to Canterbury).
Mob: 07847637764

Anger, Agression and Violence

Anger, Aggression and Violence are extremely common issues within relationships, families, social settings, schools, further and higher education, employment and Western society as a whole and as the demands of modern living increase so do many of the underlying causes: Stress, Frustration, Resentment, Anxiety, Low self esteem, Insecurity, unresolved childhood issues and loss of significance, worth or role. However, individual, familial and societal attitudes towards the issue are confusing and unhelpful and mostly serve to compound the problem.

While naturally, society is seen to condemn violent behaviour; angry and aggressive behaviour is often applauded for some in the public eye while deplored for the rest of society. Also, ‘knee jerk’ punishment, blaming and shaming of the individual, fails to offer the help and understanding necessary to overcome issues and reduce proliferation and also discourages individuals from seeking help until it is 'too late'. Shame, guilt and fear of reprisals or retaliation often forces individuals to deny and suppress normal and natural feelings of frustration, resentment, anxiety, anger and aggression thus substituting passive-aggression or episodic outbursts for healthy expression and dialogue.

This can often be seen in children, who are taught that all forms of angry, aggressive and violent behaviour are ‘bad’ and are to be avoided. We fail to teach our children how to express their feelings appropriately; that Anger and Aggression are normal and natural responses; how and when to be angry or what is an appropriate response. They are untrained and inexperienced is dealing with their feelings and their need to express their feelings and frustration are denied or suppressed. It is therefore to be expected that this carries on into adult life.

While many will deny it, most people suffer from frustration and resentment and have angry or aggressive thoughts or behaviours and do not know what to do to resolve their issues. Fortunately, help is at hand and more and more people are seeking help with their issues through Anger Management Therapy.

Anger and Aggression, which are both necessary to our survival and psychological wellbeing, can easily become confused, misused and harnessed or pressed into serving very unhelpful aspects of our personalities, values and belief systems. It is without doubt true that most people suffer from some form of frustration, anxiety, resentment, insecurity or low self-worth which either periodically or consistently leads to angry or aggressive thoughts or behaviours aimed at others. Most people tend to have aggressive imaginings and to suffer from periodic or episodic outbursts which afterwards they attempt to make reparations for; while others suffer from more persistent aggressive tendencies.

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Anger Management Therapy

Anger and aggression issues are a serious problem that can ruin lives and therefore there is a need to prioritise and dedicate time, effort and money to resolving this issue before it overwhelms your life. Anger Management (Therapy) is a cost effective Therapeutic solution to achieving sustainable and long term changes to how you live your life and relate to others. When weighed against losing one's job, a criminal record for common assault or worse, the failure of a relationship or divorce, the cost of such Therapy is a small price to pay for a healthier, happier and more prosperous future. Considering that our fee structure is very reasonable and we offer concessionary rates for those in financial difficulty (without means-testing) why not contact us to see how we can help you?

Anger Management Therapy is capable of helping both groups or individuals by offering an opportunity to resolving the root causes behind frustration, resentment, insecurity and low self-worth. In doing so it offers a sustainable long term solution to all forms of unwanted angry and aggression tendencies that may blight people’s lives.

While Anger Management continues to be the common term used to describe interventions designed to help others deal with their Anger and Aggression, it has long since been replaced and superseded by ‘Anger Therapy’. It has long been recognised that old style Anger Management was insufficient in achieving long term sustainable results. While in the short term, Anger Management achieved reasonable results, it is generally focussed upon symptoms and failed to resolve underlying causation. And thus, in the long term, symptoms return and sometimes with renewed vigour and destructive force. Also, Anger Management training offers ‘tools’ to help individuals cope with their issues. However, it is now known that many of the tools offered create more problems than they resolve. The use of ‘tools’ to overcome or mask symptoms inevitably cannot offer longevity or sustainability and the failure of many tools results in the worsening of problems and engenders feelings of failure, deficiency, hopelessness and self-deprecation, (punishing oneself and thinking ill of oneself), which further adds to one’s issues.

Anger Therapy is an in-depth Psychotherapeutic intervention that offers individuals the opportunity for a long term sustainable solution to their Anger and Aggression issues. Anger Therapy uses Counselling and Psychotherapy as a Therapeutic core to working with the individual to discover the causation behind their behaviours and resolve those issues and thus negate their need for angry or aggressive behaviour. We do not try to mask, suppress or manage behaviour but instead listen to behaviour as a form of individual communication. Our Psychotherapists and Counsellors are fully qualified and have completed years of training and personal development in order to be able to offer you Anger therapy. If you are interested in finding out more, why not give us a call or send us an email and arrange a consultation to discover how we may be able to help you.

Anger Management Fee Structure

Anger Management Therapy is a one-to-one service. In the past we offered group Anger Management, however, we no longer do so as the 'take-up' was low which made the service uneconomic.

Anger Management: Monday to Friday, £40 per one hour appointment (pro-rata thereafter)
Saturday Anger Management: £100 per 75 minute appointment. Non-transferable. Non-cancellable. Immoveable. Paid for in advance.

Please note: In order to maintain our practice diaries and provide services where needed and to minimise time wastage; we require 48 hour's notice to cancel or move an appointment. Otherwise, unless under emergency or extreme circumstances or circumstances beyond your control, as determined by the therapist, you may be charged the appointment fee. Please keep us informed so that we may meet your needs.

"Intensive anger management" is available for those wishing to 'kick-start' their process of change or those who are in time critical circumstances. Dependant on the availability of appointment slots, you may block book back-to-back appointments or book more than one appointment in each week. Please note: An individual failing to attend a single appointment is of low impact on the practice, however, non-attendance of block appointments is high impact and therefore, in all such cases, appointments will be paid in advance at the time of booking and all such appointments cannot be cancelled, transferred, or moved under any circumstance and will always be charged.

All courses , including weekday intensive anger management are charged at £40 per hour. As a practice we are as inclusive as possible and therefore our fees are as low as we can reasonably keep them and there are no block booking discounts.

For those in financial difficulties, concessions are available upon request for weekday, morning and day-time appointments only. Once booked, concessionary appointments cannot be changed or cancelled and are chargeable.
For our full terms and conditions please refer to our Terms and Conditions Page or contact us directly.

Anger Management Service Area

TonicCounselling is a long established private professional Counselling and Anger Management practice which currently has three consultation rooms in which we offer Anger Management Services:

Higham Ferrers
Our Higham office is situated in a quiet residential area between Rushden, Wellingborough, Raunds and Irthlingborough, with plenty of on-street parking and it is a very comfortable and welcoming room. Higham Ferrers is serviced by a good many main roads including the A6, A45 and A14 and is within easy reach of the M11 and M1 and thus from this situation we are able to offer Anger Management Counselling Services to a great many towns and villages including:

• Northampton • Bedford • Wellingborough • Rushden • Corby • Kettering • Wollaston • Irthlingborough • Finedon • Thrapston • St. Neots • Pavenham • Sharnbrook • Billing • Earls Barton • Cogenhoe • Great Doddington • Clapham • Higham Ferrers • Weston Favell • Irchester • Raunds • Souldrop • Olney • Stoke Goldington • Gayhurst • Chicheley • Sherington • Tardley Hastings • Warrington • Lavendon • Turvey • Burton Latimer • Isham • Pytchley • Broughton • Burton Latimer • Cranford • Great Addington • Ringstead • Eymesbury • Huntingdon • Market Harborough • Sywell • Grendon •

Newport Pagnell
Our Newport Pagnell consultation room is within a modern conference facility with free refreshments, plenty of onsite secure parking and a 24 hour reception. The room itself is large, very comfortable and has a welcoming feel to it. The facility is a few minutes from the M1 Milton Keynes junction and is within easy reach of many large towns and villages including:

• Milton Keynes • Northampton • Bedford • North Luton • Dunstable • Leighton Buzzard • Market Harborough • Kempston • Hinwick • Farndish • Newport Pagnell • Olney • Emberton • Stony Stratford • Bletchley • Toddington • Leagrave • Harlington • Caldecotte • Tongwell • Great Linford • Stoke Goldington • Gayhurst • Chicheley • Sherington • Tardley Hastings • Warrington • Lavendon • Turvey •

Canterbury Town Centre
Our Canterbury town centre office is the latest of our facilities and is situated in a private health centre within easy reach of public parking. Being in the centre of Canterbury makes it easy to access for local residents and because of the excellent public transport facilities and road network is in easy reach of:

• Canterbury • Margate • Broadstairs • Ramsgate • Dover • Folkestone • Ashford • Faversham • Whitstable • Herne Bay •

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