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Couple Counselling, Anger Management & Individual Counselling in Rushden, Bedford, Northampton & Milton Keynes

We are a Specialist Full-Time, Professional Private Counselling and Anger Management Service.
Our therapists are innovative and dedicated to helping people overcome personal, relational and career difficulties. They are highly experienced and qualified and provide the best possible services in your area. They have successfully helped thousands of people and provided tens of thousands of clinical hours. Their specialist areas are:

• Anger Management and Interpersonal Conflict.
We are highly skilled and experienced in helping people resolve all kinds of Aggression and Violence issues in the home and at work.
Provided: Monday to Friday from Morning till late evening.
Fees: Individuals at £50 per hour appointment.

• Intensive Anger Management Courses
Urgent and effective treatment to resolve Anger Management issues in the home and at work
Provided: All week including weekends. Minimum of a Two hour appointment.
Fees: Individuals at £50 per hour Monday to Friday and £60 per hour at weekends.

• Couple Counselling and Relationship Counselling
Including and Business Partners.
Provided: Monday to Friday, (see below for weekends), from morning till late.
Fees: Couples £80 per 75 minutes appointment.

• Intensive Couple Counselling
High impact intensive Couple Counselling can help you make changes that may save your relationship.
Provided: All week including weekends. Minimum of a Two hour appointment.
Fees: Couples £60 per hour all week including weekends.

• Couple Anger Management.
There is often reciprocal aggression and or violence within intimate relationships. We are specialists in resolving these issues.
Provided: Monday to Friday, (see below for weekends), from Morning till late evening.
Fees: Couples £80 per 75 minutes appointment.

• Intensive Couple Anger Management Courses
Reciprocal partner aggression and or violence and be urgently and effectively treated.
Provided: All week including weekends. Minimum of a Two hour appointment.
Fees: Couples £60 per hour all week including weekends.

• Anxiety and Depression therapy
Anxiety and or Depression are extremely common personal issues and can be effectively treated and resolved without medication.
Provided: Monday to Friday from Morning till late evening.
Fees: Individuals at £50 per hour appointment.

We also offer:
• Family Therapy,
• Separation and Divorce Counselling and much more besides.

We also offer Relationship mentoring and development for career development and business and corporate internal and external relationships. As you can see from our reviews we come highly recommended and are extremely successful in helping others achieve their goals.

Our Catchment Service area is large and includes the following towns and villages:
• Northampton • Wellingborough • Kettering • Higham Ferrers • Rushden • Bedford • Milton Keynes • Olney • North Luton • Dunstable • Leighton Buzzard • Corby • Wollaston • Irthlingborough • Finedon • Thrapston • St. Neots • Pavenham • Sharnbrook • Billing • Earls Barton • Cogenhoe • Great Doddington • Clapham • Market Harborough • Weston Favell • Irchester • Raunds • Souldrop • Kempston • Hinwick • Farndish • Newport Pagnell • Emberton • Kempston • Stony Stratford • Bletchley • Toddington • Leagrave • Harlington • Caldecotte • Tongwell • Great Linford • Stoke Goldington • Gayhurst • Chicheley • Sherington • Yardley Hastings • Warrington • Lavendon • Turvey •

Contact a Couple Counselling & Anger Management Specialist in Wellingborough, Kettering & Milton Keynes areas

Please Note: Your telephone call, text and emails are important to us. To assist you from the start, all contacts are answered by qualified counsellors. If we are unable to immediately take your call, please leave a clear message with your contact details and telephone number. (All telephone messages, texts and emails are confidential within the law and are treated with respect).

General Enquiries for all services and areas:
Tel: 01933395497 (Private office line with answer machine)
Main site: TonicTalk Counselling and Psychotherapy

Rushden & Milton Keynes counsellor, Carlos:
Tel: 01933395497 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 07427144234
See Counsellor Carlos' mini Rushden Counselling profile below.

Milton Keynes & Rushden counsellor, Suzanne:
Tel: 01933358739 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 07837784663
See Suzanne' mini Milton Keynes Counselling profile below.

Canterbury counsellor, Bob:
Tel: No land line at the moment (recently returned to Canterbury).
Mob: 07847637764
See Bob's mini Canterbury Counselling profile below.

Fees and Conditions

Individual Counselling and Anger Management:
Monday to Friday, between 8:00am and 9:30pm, £50 per hour
Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £80 per hour
Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £90 per hour

Couple Counselling and Family Services:
Monday to Friday, between 8:00am and 9:30pm, £80 per 75 minute appointment
Saturday, Between 10:30am and 4:00pm, £100 per 75 minute appointment
Sunday, Between 11:00am and 3:00pm, £120 per 75 minute appointment

Corporate, Business and Career Services: Please phone for a quote.

All weekend fees are payable in advance at the time of booking and are non-refundable under any circumstance. Given the nature of Saturday appointments and the difficulties faced by couples, once booked, a Saturday appointment may not be moved or cancelled or moved.
For full counselling and anger management Fees, Terms and Conditions

Psychotherapy and Counselling services
Milton Keynes, Rushden, Wellingborough, Northampton and Canterbury

Individual Services:
• Counselling • Psychotherapy • Anxiety Treatments • Depression Therapy •
• Anger Management Therapy •
• Communication Skills • Assertiveness Training •
• Career Coaching • Professional Development •
• Personal Development •

Couple and Family Services:
Couple Counselling • Marriage Guidance •
Parent and Child CounsellingFamily Services
• Domestic Violence and Abuse •

Corporate and Business Services:
• Career Coaching • Professional Development •
• Communication Skills • Assertiveness Training •
• Business and Professional Partnership Mediation Issue Resolution •

Catchment Areas:
• Northamptonshire • Bedfordshire • Buckinghamshire •
Bedford • Luton • Dunstable •
Milton KeynesNewport Pagnell • Leighton Buzzard • Olney

Tonic Counselling: Counsellor and Psychotherapist Profiles

In order to provide the best possible counselling services in your area, Tonic Counselling employs only Full-time, Fully qualified, dedicated counsellors and psychotherapists . Full-time counsellors can have more that ten times the experience or part-time counsellors and are committed to your care. Do not leave your emotional, relational and psychological wellbeing to chance, in the hands of students, hobbyists and wannabe counsellors. You and your loved ones deserve the best. Discover what a Tonic Counselling professional psychotherapist and counsellor can do for you.

Home. Carlos Ruchden Counselling

Rushden Counsellor and Psychotherapist: Carlos

MA (Psychotherapy) Middlesex University
L4 Advanced Diploma (Therapeutic Counselling)
Primary Counselling office, (4 days a week): Higham Ferrers servicing • RushdenWellingboroughNorthampton • Bedford • Kettering • St Neots • Irthlingborough •
Secondary Counselling office, (1 day a week): Newport Pagnell servicing • Milton Keynes • Northampton • BedfordOlney • Daventry •
Professional: MBACP, MSOPH

Carlos is a highly experienced, Full-Time Psychotherapist and Counsellor who works with people in a gentle, non-judging and good humoured way. While he is sensitive to the needs and feelings of others, he has the insight, compassion and courage necessary to truly connect and empathise with people and support them despite whatever difficulties or history they may be carrying. Carlos brings depth to counselling and psychotherapy, not only utilising his comprehensive counselling and psychotherapy training but also his extensive life, career and business experience and personal development. Carlos is a fully rounded human being and professional therapist who will be able to help you.
Read Carlos' Counselling Profile.

Home. Milton Keynes Counselling Suzanne

Milton Keynes Counsellor and Psychotherapist: Suzanne

MA (Psychotherapy) Middlesex University
BA (Hons History) Sheffield University
PGCE University of Bedfordshire
Primary Counselling office, (4 days a week): Newport Pagnell servicing • OlneyMilton Keynes • @9 • Northampton • Emberton • Daventry •
Secondary counselling office, (1 day a week): Rushden servicing: • Higham Ferrers • Kettering • St Neots • Wellingborough • Stanwick •
Professional: MBACP, MSOPH

Suzanne is a dedicated Full-Time professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist. She is intuitive, compassionate and insightful and works tirelessly with people to help them overcome their issues and achieve their goals. Suzanne is unusual in the field of Counselling as she is a professional female with real life and career experience who has no wish to mother her clients. Instead, she uses her skills, experience, empathy and nurturing to encourage and empower her clients, engendering hope, ambition and self-respect. Suzanne can help you change your life.
Read Suzanne's Counselling Profile.

Home. Canterbury Counselling Bob

Canterbury Counselling: Bob Chisholm

Diploma in Counselling (integrating Mindfulness)
Primary Counselling office, Canterbury town centre servicing: • Whitstable • Herne Bay • Margate • Ramsgate • Faversham • and other surrounding towns and villages.
Professional: MBACP

After a long process of consideration and selection, we are proud to announce a new addition to our counselling and psychotherapy team, Bob Chisholm. Bob is based in Canterbury and is without doubt both a wonderful counsellor and a rounded and developed individual. As is to be expected, Bob is a full time professional counsellor and is now in a position to offer the residents of Canterbury, Margate, Ramsgate and their surrounding towns and villages a complete counselling and psychotherapy service including couple counselling and anger management.

Bob is a calm and thoughtful individual and can quickly help people to be at their ease. He is a highly skilled, experienced, motivated and insightful counsellor and has extensive experience working with individuals and couples and great success helping others work through common to complex personal, relational and professional issues. If you live in the Canterbury area and are in need of a counselling or anger management service, for yourself, your relationship or someone dear to you; Bob is there to support through whatever the needs may be.
Read Bob's Counselling Profile

About Us

Most other Counsellors and Psychotherapists are non professional hobbyists working part-time for either themselves or charities and are therefore committed to other professions and employment. Given that an appropriately trained therapist will spend three years or more to gain their qualifications one might ask; why spend so much time and money training and not practice full-time and even fewer run private practices? The simple answer is that professional full-time employment opportunities are difficult to find outside specific fields like addiction, domestic violence, CBT and sexual issues. Furthermore, creating a dedicated full-time sustainable private practice is even more difficult.

One measure of a good counsellor or psychotherapist is whether they are 'good enough' to establish a full-time private practice, commit and dedicate themselves to that practice and develop their skills and experience in order to maintain a client base sufficient to sustain themselves within that practice. Private practice is the most difficult of all counsellor and psychotherapist roles because there is no endless stream of clients as provided by the NHS or a charity. Instead, in private practice, the therapist has to find clients and provide a quality and useful service to keep their clients otherwise, clients will move on to find a better service elsewhere. In private practice, the power is with the paying public and they exercise their right to choose their counsellor and psychotherapist.

Our practice and its Counsellors are more than 'good enough' and provide an excellent service that benefits our clients who often recommend us to their friends and families. The practice was established in 2009 and has been full-time for over five years and has helped hundreds of individual and families improve their quality of life and has provided thousands of clinical hours of counselling, psychotherapy and anger management.

All our counsellors are fully qualified, highly skilled and dedicated and committed to their practice and offer appointments from early until late, at least five days a week. As such, a full-time professional private counsellor or psychotherapist will complete up to TEN times the clinical hours of a part-time therapist. Our therapists are up to TEN times more experienced on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. Therefore, please do not leave your family's or your psychological, emotional or relational wellbeing to chance; where possible, choose a full-time professional.

Anger Management in Bedford, Northampton & Milton Keynes

Anger Management is one of TonicCounselling’s more popular counselling services. Offered to men, women and young people living within reach of Bedford, Milton Keynes or Northampton and provided by your choice of male or female therapist. Anger Management, (Anger Management Counselling) is an in-depth intervention based on the application proven Psychotherapeutic Techniques that offer long term sustainable results by examining, understanding and resolving the causes behind unhelpful behaviours, thoughts and feelings and taking responsibility for one’s own actions and empowering oneself to make changes.

As with all our Counselling and Psychotherapy services, Anger Management is only offered by fully trained and extensively experienced Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Our quality is guaranteed.
Read more about Anger Management Counselling

Domestic Violence in Milton Keynes, Bedford and Northampton

Our freedom from Domestic Violence courses are similar to our anger management courses in as much as they examine the causes behind anger, aggression and violence and seek to promote responsibility, empowerment and change. However, with domestic violence and other spousal or relational abuse, we also examine the relational dynamics including co-dependencies which trap individuals into performing either role within the relationship. Furthermore, Domestic Violence and spousal abuse, is often not a simple case of Anger or Aggression but can instead be more insidious, hidden in controlling and manipulative behaviours, passive aggression, sexual dominance, emotional abuse, threats and much more besides. Our Domestic violence courses help people on both sides of the relationship to free themselves from the cycle of abuse so that the couple can either separate or remake a new relationship without the need to perform these behaviours.

Home. TonicTalk Newport and Higham Rooms

Consultation rooms and Catchment Areas

Currently we operate in the three counties area of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire along with out Kent office in Canterbury. We offer psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples and corporate and business clients from our three consultation rooms; the first in Higham Ferrers, next to Rushden near Wellingborough, Kettering, St Neots and Northampton. The second in Newport Pagnell, next to Milton Keynes and junction 14 of the M1. And our final office in Canterbury town centre near Margate, Ramsgate and Whitstable. These three rooms conveniently place us within easy reach of the following towns and villages:

• Northampton • Bedford • Milton Keynes • North Luton • Dunstable • Wellingborough • Leighton Buzzard • Rushden • Corby • Kettering • Wollaston • Irthlingborough • Finedon • Thrapston • St. Neots • Pavenham • Sharnbrook • Billing • Earls Barton • Cogenhoe • Great Doddington • Clapham • Market Harborough • Higham Ferrers • Weston Favell • Irchester • Raunds • Souldrop • Kempston • Hinwick • Farndish • Newport Pagnell • Olney • Emberton • Kempston • Stony Stratford • Bletchley • Toddington • Leagrave • Harlington • Caldecotte • Tongwell • Great Linford • Stoke Goldington • Gayhurst • Chicheley • Sherington • Tardley Hastings • Warrington • Lavendon • Turvey •
Read about our Counselling Consultation rooms

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